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About AVS

AVS Property Valuers are the local property valuers in the North West Pilbara Region. Providing an independent, efficient, prompt and professional valuation service, AVS provides a range of services for residential, commercial, banking and mining clients.

Land valuers in Western Australia are currently required to be licensed under the Land Valuers Licensing Act 1978. Licensing is one way of ensuring that land valuers have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience to carry out land valuations.

A land valuer provides an opinion of the market value of land. This opinion is recognised as an expert opinion by financial institutions, government departments, such as the taxation department, and courts of law.

Land valuers provide an opinion on the value of an “interest in land”. For example, freehold ownership provides the highest “interest in land”. Many lesser interests may be held such as that of a lessee or a tenant-for-life. All interests in land can be valued. “Land” includes improvements made to or upon the land itself.

Real estate agents and sales representatives provide estimates of sale prices, usually referred to in Australia as an “appraisal”. This is the price that it is considered the property would sell for on the current market. Although these appraisals may be realistic indications of what a property may be sold for, they are not valuations.

In previous years the terms sworn valuer and sworn valuation were in existence. The terms are now defunct as a result of licensing.